Corporate Security Services

The threat against businesses from terrorism is a continuing reality. The government’s own assessment of the threat from terrorism has remained 'severe' for months.

The system of assessment helps the police and other law enforcement agencies to determine how they should respond to, and prepare for a terrorist incident.

The threat levels are:

Comsec can help determine how you should respond and prepare for both terrorist and criminal attacks.

Preparing for and defending against criminal or terrorist attack is not a core function, it does not help profitability and can be a distraction. Prepare insufficiently and face criticism and perhaps litigation for failing in the duty of care; over do the response and the results can be constricting, overbearing and ultimately ignored! Comsec takes a very commercial view of security, applying the principle; no more than is necessary: no less than is effective.

Comsec can help you cost effectively to assess risk, structure proportionate procedures, test responses and offer sector or business focused advice.

Our corporate security services include: