Crisis Management Planning

All organisations should consider their vulnerability to criminal and politically motivated attack. Collateral damage incurred in a wider terror campaign can still amount to serious damage. Attack can take many forms – terrorism, commercial sabotage, assault on reputation, criminal damage, extortion, kidnap, hacking.

To be effective, an organisation’s continuity and risk management planning must anticipate the impact of:

Failure to act in the first, so-called golden hour of a crisis often spells disaster for an organisation, whereas informed and positive executive action can ensure a full recovery. Well-rehearsed crisis management mechanisms minimise risk, maintain reputation and enable an organisation to work effectively with local government officials and law enforcement.

Comsec's professionals have years of specialist policing, military and security experience between them. They have dealt with incidents as diverse as riot, product contamination, terrorism and the kidnapping of chief executive officers of major organisations. And they have worked in the most difficult environments in the world, often in complete secrecy. We make sure we truly understand a client organisation and the environment in which it operates before we provide a detailed, realistic and graded risk assessment and, if necessary, design a crisis management plan.

…and Training

Comsec delivers training for Crisis Management Teams. We can also help identify members of the team and support them through any incident. With Comsec’s help you can ensure your crisis management plan works, that you have communication contingencies and media strategies in place and that you will work effectively with relevant government and other agencies.