Enhanced Due Diligence

Comsec Investigations Ltd is a provider of business intelligence and due diligence investigations.
We currently work for leading Hedge Fund and Asset Management firms and perform due diligence for organisations that are contemplating investments, strategic partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions.

Business is all about taking risks, and managing risks will determine the success of your organisation.

Comsec Investigations assists businesses to mitigate risk in many commercial circumstances such as selecting business and supply chain partners, employing people into positions of trust; as well as making investments for the future.

Anti-Money laundering legislation, corporate governance and Financial Services Authority regulations make it increasingly important for organisations to verify the integrity of the people they employ and do business with. Organisations that innocently employ dishonest candidates, trade with corrupt vendors or handle money from illegitimate sources are exposed both to fraud and to prosecution.

Comsec undertakes investigations into employees, senior management, clients, vendors, brokers and agents. This assures clients of the integrity of their candidates and business partners and reduces the risk of losing stakeholder confidence, value and reputation.

Our executive screening investigations will involve:

All enhanced due diligence incorporates reviews of electronically available online databases and, when required, a physical search of public records. Comsec has an extensive international network of vetted and trusted sources, allowing enhanced due diligence checks to be carried out worldwide.

Attached is a cost management card, detailing a cross-section of a number of jurisdictions that Comsec has previously carried due diligence checks in and an estimated cost of investigations in these regions.

All due diligence searches include, but are not limited to, address verification, property ownership details, corporate identifiers, civil litigation records, local, national and international media, bankruptcy/insolvency checks, liens, judgments and financial regulatory body filings.

Many corporations struggle with the amount of investigation needed to make sound decisions about mergers, acquisitions, venture capital interests, management buy-outs, complex finance deals and takeover negotiations. Our investigative team will conduct enquiries at the highest level to ascertain the motivation, background, reputation, relationship, history and insight into the people behind commercial negotiations.

Comsec enables your business to be risk aware, not adverse - email us or call us on +44 (0)207 553 7960.