Fraud Investigations

Fraudulent activity is often uncovered by changing circumstances.
As businesses tighten their costs, dishonesty is often revealed when complicit employees are no longer around to cover-up their activity.

Staff who took advantage of relaxed compliance regimes; or massaged figures to achieve bonus thresholds; or suppliers who routinely over-invoiced or under delivered, they are all exposed to their frauds as accomplices leave or security improves.

Investigation and Recovery

In the investigation of all crimes, including fraud, the steps taken at the outset are pivotal to a successful conclusion. Many investigations and prosecutions fail because an organisation has taken premature or inappropriate action such as attempting to recover deleted computer files or inappropriately approaching the suspect, without professional advice.

A comprehensive detection strategy is essential, beginning with an assessment of the losses incurred and proceeding through a carefully thought-out investigation and analysis process.

Successful fraud investigation encompasses: