Intellectual Property Investigations

Comsec offers our clients a dynamic range of intellectual property investigation services ranging from test purchasing to complex undercover operations.

Contact the IPI Division on +44 (0)207 553 7960 if you require any assistance with the following investigations:

In-Use Trade Mark

We help clients acquire their trade mark of choice by determining when and where a mark has been used and conducting covert approaches to the owner to establish motive.

Common Law

Comsec can provide detailed information on trade marks which have not been registered but may be protected by Common Law.

Domain Name

Sometimes a client’s trade mark – or the mark a client wants to acquire – is registered as a domain name by a third party. Comsec investigators can determine the motives behind this and obtain any evidence of passing off.

Test Purchase Programmes

Covert test purchasing from sales outlets including wholesalers and internet auction sites can provide evidence of brand infringement, counterfeiting and grey market or criminal activity.

Brand Audits

Comsec regularly conducts brand exposure audits for clients. This may include making covert visits to retail outlets to discover whether the brand is being damaged by the way it is being sold.

Company Name

When a new company in the UK or abroad incorporates a trade mark into its name, our investigations can determine the company’s true intentions and obtain any evidence of passing off.