A chicken shop in Reading, Berkshire has been forced to change its name following a copyright dispute with Nando’s.

Fernando’s (now named Fernandez) received a copyright infringement letter in March 2018 – stating that the name and logo was too similar to that of the internationally acclaimed restaurant chain.

The owner of Fernandez, Asam Aziz claimed Nando’s bullied him into chaining the name of the shop.

Mr. Aziz said: ‘It’s been stressful to do the rebrand, we couldn’t close up throughout it.

‘We’re trying to change the sign and interior while customers are still coming in.

‘It’s been an absolute nightmare but by the grace of God we’ve done it. ‘We’ve got the sign, the new wall design and everything coming now, and a new website as well.

‘Everything seems to be coming together and I’m happy.’

Mr. Aziz claims Nando’s are now happy with the changes that have been made, and a new menu would be introduced soon.

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